Trascendió fronteras. “Atorranta, inefficient”: Refusing to insult a national MP against a prosecutor

El Mundo 20 de mayo de 2021
Un texto en inglés fue publicado por un sitio de noticias relatando el maltrato de Martín Grande a Verónica Simesen de Bielke.

Si bien ya algún discurso del diputado nacional y periodista salteño Martín Grande alguna vez fue blanco de burlas fuera de Argentina, como ser su exposición sobre el aborto en 2019 por Amnistía Internacional; la gravedad de su último insulto a la fiscal Verónica Simesen de Bielke también llegó a medios internacionales. 

marsupialesAmnistía Internacional acusa de “insólitos” a Olmedo y Grande por sus discursos sobre el aborto es propiedad intelectual de newsbeezer Technologies Pvt. Ltd, una empresa formada por un grupo de jóvenes emprendedores tecnológicos que se esfuerzan por impulsar el mayor depósito de contenido de noticias de todo el mundo para que los lectores exploren el contenido de noticias diarias de toda la web en sus PC y teléfonos móviles; este sitio web se hizo eco del maltrato del legislador macrista a la miembro del Ministerio Público de Salta.

A continuación el texto en el idioma original:

“Inefficient” Y. “Breathtaking” were two of the insults the National MP for Salta, Martin Grande – who is also running for senator in his province – turned to the public prosecutor who specializes in him Human rights, Verónica Simesen de Bielke. The statements of the legislature took place in the radio program carried out by himself and led to a very broad rejection not only of the women̵

In dialogue with THE NATIONThe Salta Public Prosecutor’s Office on the Evaluation of Femicides, Transfemicides and Gender-Based Violence expressed concern about the grave fact. With this in mind, a statement by the committee stressed that these statements are particularly serious given that it is a province “Severely affected by gender-based violence in all its forms and with the highest rate of femicide in the country”.

And he adds: “The national MP is not only lacking in ethics and he shows that he is not trained in the areas of human rights, women’s rights and gender perspective, but that – although he is a legislator – he is the comprehensive law on prevention, punishment and protection Elimination does not recognize violence against women in the areas where they develop their interpersonal relationships ”.

In this regard, it should be noted that a number of recent investigations, according to an official source, explain a serious escalation in police violence during the pandemic THE NATION. With this in mind, the Inadi also expressed “concern about the delay in taking office of the Committee for the Prevention of Torture” in that province.

As they added in a statement posted on the official website: “According to statistics from the Inadi Victim Assistance Directorate, security forces were one of the ten areas most consulted by the population in 2020. Prosecutor Verónica Simesen de Bielke also reported that they had been received from January until today 900 complaints for police abuse in the province of Salta ”.

Salta’s own security minister, Juan Manuel Pulleiro, crossed the prosecutor Simesen de Bielke, who investigates all these cases of institutional violence, which include serious human rights violations, and said there was a certain “HostilityFrom the judicial officer against the police.

These statements in turn generated the response from dozens of social organizations in a joint statement: “The citizens of our province denounced serious institutional violence committed by Salta police officers. All of the applicants were victims or witnesses of crimes of unlawful detention, illegal searches, humiliation aggravated by violence and torture, and other serious human rights violations. “

“In this regard, we oppose the public statements made in this regard by retired military officer Juan Manuel Pulleiro, the current Minister of Security, who stated that the human rights law enforcement officer, Veronica Simesen de Bielke, acts with hostility in investigating his subordinates. Pulleiro’s statements only hinder the public prosecutor’s investigation into these differing facts, which violate the fundamental rights of the victims of police officers in their responsibility and in the performance of their duties, “concluded the civilian population of the associations.


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